Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Technologies!

Two Technologies!

We have learned so many different types of technologies, which if used correctly and introduced to our students would help motivate them to learn and make learning fun. Every time I sit down and start to play with the new “toys” that I am learning I think how much fun the students could have with it as well.

I have 3 computers at my house and none of them have Microsoft Office Publisher on them, so I did not have the opportunity to play around with it. I did make a movie in movie maker and had a blast with that. Kids would love to use this in the classroom for a project. There are so many possibilities that this could be used for and the kids are engaged in learning as well as having fun. What a combination. I could see this working in the library and having students create a movie about a book they have read and put music to it or even narrate the story. If kids did research they could create a movie about what ever they are researching. I feel that kids would have more fun doing the research if they were to make a movie of it.

The other technology that I have enjoyed is the Wiki. I had fun putting that together and feel that kids would as well. It is like having a Face Book account and kids can communicate with each other. They have to invite who they want to be on their account. Students can come in an edit their Wiki. I could see this being used if kids were corresponding with kids from different classes or even from different states. Photo’s can be added as well. I did mine for fun, but I see value in the classrooms. We as educators just have to introduce these technologies to our kids. Our kids can handle it; it is the educators that have the problems!

Skype has been a big “Aha” for me. I like this technology very much. Having a new little one in the family Skype has been a big benefit since we do not live close. Will I continue to use my blog, when I get a job as a librarian yes I will. I will have a blog for my library to get information out to the teachers as well as the parents and kids. I want the kids to be able to post reviews on books that they have read for others to see.

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