Monday, February 23, 2009

Information Literate

Definition of Information Literate.

One definition of an information literate person is a person that must be able to recognize the need for information and have the capability of being able to identify potential sources to locate the information, evaluate its contents, and use the information effectively.

Why Is It Important?

Being a literate person means that one knows how to find the information that is needed, analyze and evaluate the information, so that they and others can learn from the information. This makes them prepared for any task at hand due to the fact that they can always find any information that is needed. Students need to understand how to find information and to determine whether the information they are obtaining is reliable or not.

How Will I Encourage It?

Right now I teach Physical Education so that is difficult. However when ever I get in the library I feel that teaching my kids how to properly use the internet for searches is a step in the right direction. Our library is all on line and if the kids want to find a book they have to look it up on line. This is a way of preparing them for future searches. Also teaching them how to find out if a source or information is reliable or not is very important, because kids tend to think that ANYTHING that is printed on the internet is real and happened or did not happen.

How Does It Apply To My Vision?

I feel that it applies to my vision in the fact that kids tend to learn if they are motivated and interested and are having fun. Technology includes all of these things to kids now days. Today we started showing science videos in the morning before school on the Promethean Board. Man the kids were glued to the screen. This was my project to get this set up and running, and I could not believe how quiet the kids were. Technology! Then during my P.E classes I set up my play station to run through the LCD projector to show on the Promethean Board and had the kids doing Dance Revolution. They thought that was the greatest thing and so did my principal. Technology baby!!! I got it going on!!!! But these kids love it and the more we can give them the better off they are and we are as well.


  1. Way to go, Pamela! I was so proud to hear how you used the technology this week in your PE class. You seemed have hit a vein in a key reason in using technology...motivation of student learning.

    BTW...good job on explaining your understanding of information literacy as well. :-)

  2. Right on! Students need to know how to find info and know if it is reliable. What a great way to incorporate technology in your PE class.

  3. Pam, sounds like you do have it going! I'll bet you'll be a really fun librarian--are you sure you want to leave the gym, though??? Coaches are so much fun.



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