Monday, February 2, 2009

My Educational Technology Philosophy

For me technology should be used as a means of enhancing our student’s education not used as a way to solely educate them. Although technology is a very big part of our student’s lives in this day and time, I feel that there are things that are of importance that they still need to learn that one might call “Old School”. As teachers we can use technology as a tool to enhance the old school learning to beef it up so to speak, but not totally replace it.
Students in this day and time are growing up in a technology world. They have things that we as kids never even dreamed of, and their minds seem to think different or process things different that what ours did. We as educators need to take this in to consideration when we are teaching. To them they learn by games and fun so make education fun. But as I said before there are still some things that are old school that we need to teach and don’t need to get away from.

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