Monday, April 27, 2009

Integration and Engagement Using Technology

Being comfortable in what you are teaching is a plus, not that you have to know “EVERYTHING” but have a general knowledge of the technology being used. Today’s kids are way ahead of the adults in this area and are not afraid of making mistakes and they seem to be able to figure things out very easy. Their minds seem to be digitally wired. It is like the little kids on the ski slopes, they just know how to ski and have no fear.

The two things that I would like to expand on when I get into a classroom are movie maker and wiki’s. I would like to have kids bring in pictures of their family and of things that interest them, scan the pictures and have the kids make a movie using the pictures adding what every music they so desire. This could also be done as a school project. Take pictures throughout the year and put a movie together to show at the end of the year. Using the wiki, kids can give reviews of books that they have read, so that others can determine if they would like to read that book or not. This will bring awareness to the library and hopefully promote reading at the same time.

It is not where we start with technology, but just the fact that we start. With technology we are never finished, due to the fact that just when we learn how to use the software that is out a new and updated version comes out and we have to start all over.

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