Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review of Our Class

I have enjoyed this course very much. I did not enjoy the drive from Dallas, but once I got to class it was great. The different technologies that we learned and used were very useful to me and to where I am headed in the future. Some of the technologies that we studied, I have used in the past, but we seemed to find something different about each one that I did not know. Learning how to add a link to a power point presentation was one thing that I did not know how to do. I had used movie maker, but adding music to it is one thing that I had not done. Learning how to formulate cells in Excel is another thing that I had not done before this class. This course has been great for me and I just have to continue to use the skills that I have learned.

My biggest AHA has to be the blog that we set up. Blogging is one thing that I had never done. I enjoyed setting up my blog and playing with it. I fee that it is a way to communicate with others and it depends on how you want to use it depends on what it is worth. Some use it as a social communication, but as we have used it, it is educational. I can see this being used in a classroom to communicate between classes or even between other students in other states. I can see it being used in a library setting, to talk about books that are being read in the library. Would I keep using my blog, yes I will use a blog when I become a librarian for sure.

Thanks to all my classmates and Dr. Mac. it as been fun.

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